We from Pagan Art Tuning Studio believe that pictures would say more than words. Here are some galleries from our projects and events where we participated.

Enjoy your stay!

The Spire by Art tuning Studio Pagan

The SPIRE - based on SUZUKI M109R BOULEVARD 1800cc Contains 33 handmade details, which are a perfect collaboration of 3 types of resins and 5 types of metals. The final look involves more than 170 skulls and 180 tattoos with different size, so that the bike looks exquisite from a distance as well as from near.

Buldozavr gallery - Pagan Art Tuning Studio

BULDOZAVR - based on HONDA VTX 1800 cc - Our third monster bike. Anatomical cut of monster is a combination of dragon and bulldog. You can see four layers - bones, muscles, tendons and skin. The skin is a mix of leather crocodile skin plus iguana and has more than 10,000 scales.

Invader Gallery - Pagan Art Tuning Studio

Invader - based on YAMAHA Dragstar 1100 cc - The aggressive silhouette is a result of 8 months of tireless work and 14 hand-crafted details. 3 types of resins and 4 types of metals make the bike look as a real monster on wheels. The original design of Art tuning studio Pagan enables “Invader” to be practical while being attractive – only by changing of one detail, it is converted into a brutal two-seater

Zombi Gallery - Pagan Art Tuning Studio

Zombi - based on HONDA Shadow - silver coat gives 'old' artwork look. Hand-crafted details provide uniqued look and feel as any other project of ours.

 Motor Bike Expo - Verona 2014

Motor Bike Expo - Verona 2014 our bikes attracted a crowd of visitors

VW Transporter Gallery - Pagan Art Tuning Studio

VW Transporter - awesome, massive and yet attractive, why not say it addictive....

Plovdiv Fair - Pagan Art Tuning Studio

Plovdiv Fair - here is some footage from our participation in the annual international Plovdiv Fair in Bulgaria.

Hell's Table - Pagan Art Tuning Studio

Hell's Table - Handmade with unique design. On of a kind. Tempered glass for durability.

Wallpapers - Pagan Art Tuning Studio

Wallpapers - for everyone to enjoy and use

Sculptures styled and crafted by Pagan Art Tuning Studio

Sculptures - various characters hand-crafted by us.

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